A Stormy Wedding

You know your marriage is strong when you face a harsh wind storm and a looming forest fire that fills your wedding venue with smoke prompting an evacuation, and still manage to end on a high note.

For Dianna and Nick, these two started their day off with a little hair and makeup (yes both of them) and the donning their wedding attire at the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane. Their biggest concern was the heat that they’d be facing. With a little determination and a dedicated crew of bridesmaids and groomsmen, everyone stayed cool and hydrated.

The portraits went well, ceremony rolled smoothly, and the reception was comfortable and fun. A nice first dance, good conversations, heartfelt toasts, and a fun cake cutting got the reception off to a nice start. Then, guests started receiving text messages from friends telling them if the storm had hit them yet. Everyone started looking over their shoulders to the horizon behind them. The big wall of dark clouds was head straight for us.

Friends who were shooting a wedding at Beacon Hill texted me saying that the wind blew over tables and caused some windows to break. We were in for something crazy.

People started talking about what was to come. I could see the worry on Dianna’s face. A few guests were taking video of the wind blowing through the trees. Kids were trying to “lean” against the gusts. Mayhem ensued.

The owner of Cannon’s Edge received a call about a small fire that was ignited by lighting down below her property that was quickly moving up the hillside. Due to safety concerns, she had to evacuate the wedding.

The caterers and DJ all packed up and got out of their quickly. Guests began grabbing flowers, gifts, and whatever else they could to load into cars. All the while, Dianna was quickly realizing her wedding was coming to an early end.

Some might say this day had a sad ending. But, don’t forget about Dianna’s supporting cast of the rest of the wedding party which included her brand spankin’ new husband Nick.

About 20 guests caravanned with the wedding party back to Dianna and Nick’s house where they soon found out that the power was knocked out by the storm. If you’re keeping tabs, there’s no venue, no vendors, and no power. This is where beer, wine and a loud truck stereo help lighten the mood and turn this tumultuous wedding day into a party.

Kegs stands were done, barefoot bridesmaid basketball was played, a few drinks were poured, maybe a slight bending of the law by the bride and bridesmaids in order to enjoy a neighbors trampoline, and an amazing bride and groom dance in the middle of the street. By the time the limo arrived to pick up Dianna and Nick, you’d never know what kind of chaos was thrown at this couple.

It’s good to have a little determination, and a great supporting cast.


Venue — Cannon’s Edge on Greenbluff
Make-up — Trisha Watson
Hair — Blush Beauty Bar
Wedding dress — Bridal Collections
Bridesmaids dresses — David’s Bridal
Suits — Men’s Warehouse
Food —  Taco Tumbras
Cake —  Celebrations

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Cold to Hot

My photographic adventure with Amanda and Kenny began with a winter engagement shoot on a bone-chilling 12-degree day in Coeur d’Alene.

You can see the images from the session at the following link:  Amanda and Kenny’s 12-degree Engagement Session

Let’s just say, it was really, really cold and hot chocolate was in order at the end of the day to try and thaw out a bit.

When it came to their wedding day, it took place during a time where temperatures were in the 90s and briefly broke into triple digits. It was a big shift from our first photography session to say the least.

But the weather didn’t hold Amanda, Kenny and their big crew of bridesmaids and groomsmen from rocking their wedding late into the night with crazy barn portraits, over-the-top dance moves, and a lot of stories, comments and quality moments for me to document.


Venue — Bliss Hill
Make-up — Alicia with Modern Apothecary
Hair — Tiffany at Vida Salon
Dress — Marcella’s Bridal
Flowers — Full Bloom 
Catering — Herbal Essence
Cake — Nothing Bundt Cakes
DJ — Complete Music
Wedding Coordinator & Officiant — Serendipity

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Fulton Wedding

Whenever I attend a rehearsal night, I always keep a lookout for interactions, how the couple planned the dinner festivities, the way people are mingling, and try to get an overall sense for the mood and feel of the group.

At Rich and Kelsey’s rehearsal, I immediately picked up on a family reunion vibe — very comfortable without any formalities whatsoever. People. Pizza. Beer. Conversation.

This mood carried over into the wedding day as well.

I always work with my couples to ensure we have a good game plan that allows time for the image making, wedding day tasks and of course some downtime so everyone can catch their breath and not be stressed due to a tight schedule.

When I walked into Kelsey’s hotel room after making the rounds of getting detail shots of the ceremony and reception site, she was laying on the couch totally relaxed. Rich was sitting on the patio with his best man going over his vows. And the rest of the wedding party was just as relaxed. We moseyed to the ceremony, Rich and Kesley shared their vows, then it was time to eat and party.

By the end of the evening, as family and friends began to head to their rooms or back home, there were a dozen or so of us left hanging out, eating pizza and listening to stories about Rich and Kelsey when they were growing up, growing as a couple, and what they had planned for their future.



Venue & Catering — Silver Mountain Resort
DJ — DJ Tequila Leah
Suits — Mr. Tux

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