Fulton Wedding

Whenever I attend a rehearsal night, I always keep a lookout for interactions, how the couple planned the dinner festivities, the way people are mingling, and try to get an overall sense for the mood and feel of the group.

At Rich and Kelsey’s rehearsal, I immediately picked up on a family reunion vibe — very comfortable without any formalities whatsoever. People. Pizza. Beer. Conversation.

This mood carried over into the wedding day as well.

I always work with my couples to ensure we have a good game plan that allows time for the image making, wedding day tasks and of course some downtime so everyone can catch their breath and not be stressed due to a tight schedule.

When I walked into Kelsey’s hotel room after making the rounds of getting detail shots of the ceremony and reception site, she was laying on the couch totally relaxed. Rich was sitting on the patio with his best man going over his vows. And the rest of the wedding party was just as relaxed. We moseyed to the ceremony, Rich and Kesley shared their vows, then it was time to eat and party.

By the end of the evening, as family and friends began to head to their rooms or back home, there were a dozen or so of us left hanging out, eating pizza and listening to stories about Rich and Kelsey when they were growing up, growing as a couple, and what they had planned for their future.



Venue & Catering — Silver Mountain Resort
DJ — DJ Tequila Leah
Suits — Mr. Tux

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It’s The Same In Any Language

“It’s the same in any language,
A brother is a brother if there’s one thing I know,
It’s the same in any language,
Wherever you go.”

I’m not the biggest Skynard fan. But being the traveling man I was at a young age, I grew to understand the chorus of this Skynard song well.

Whether I was in Yemen, Australia, Lithuania, Sweden, or Thailand, I realized that despite the differences each culture had from mine, just about everyone held the same goals of family, friends, and the idea of bettering themselves. But each had their own way of going about it, which is what defines cultures.

For Jai and Haifang, these two went about their wedding with a American-style ceremony, but held close to their Chinese customs and traditions when it came to gifts, celebration, and toasting their guests as they made their rounds to tables during the dinner hour.

And you can see how proud Jai’s parents (who made the trip from China) were to be a part of their daughter’s wedding day. The friends they’ve made along the way of their educational journey in the U.S., and relatives who made the trek to North Idaho, all were able to take a little culture with them whether it was from the stick dance, or from witnessing a wedding with an American approach.

Vows were shared, laughs were had, dances were danced, and a lot of memories were captured on a nice summer day in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — thousands of miles and a culture away from where Jai and Haifang grew up.


Catering — Coeur d’Alene Resort
Venue — Hagadone Events Center
Cake — Just American Desserts
DJ — Rox Music Company

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Seattle and Back

Way back in September 2013, Samantha came into my office for her wedding consultation with her fiancé Tim and her parents.

There was some talk about the typical stuff (how I work, what I offer, their expectations, etc.) and some conversations about food and football. We pretty much covered a lot of the stuff I like in one consultation.

One of the topics was also their engagement session, which is a great warmup for me and a couple to get to know how I work and I can figure out how they work in front of a camera. But, they wanted a Seattle engagement session. Our timing worked out and we made it happen seven months later at some of their favorite spots. Let’s just say it was a great way to start our photographic relationship. By the end of the day, we were having a great time, had a lot of awesome images, and figured out that the wedding day interactions between us would make it a fun day. Here’s the link to their engagement session: Seattle — Fully Engaged

Now, I’m lucky enough to attract the right people that want to hire me. They’re fun, laid back, appreciate photography and good moments. And most of these people have a good crew of friends too that share a lot of the same values and ideas. Samantha and Tim’s crew were no different. From the moment I arrived at The Make-Up Studio in Spokane, and Tim’s room at The Davenport Hotel, everyone was welcoming, laid back and ready for me to stalk them for the day with my camera. It didn’t hurt that the guys were watching college football either while I was documenting their getting ready routine.

The day went off without a hitch from the preparation, to the ceremony. But the reception is where the craziness started. With Thomas with Traks DJ Service starting the party off right, Samantha and Tim celebrated into the evening with friends and family dancing the night away. Tim was even hoisted up for a quick crowdsurfing session as the night came to close.

And as smoothly as the day started, the night ended much of the same way. Samantha, Tim and I ventured downtown back to the Davenport where we did a quick portrait walk. Then it was some hugs and goodbyes and I was headed back home as the newlyweds ended their night with a few friends and family.

As I look back on our Seattle session, it’s great to see that the same energy and comfort level carried over to the wedding day. It not only helped this couple relax and enjoy their day, but it also helped me have access to quality moments.


Make-up — The Make-Up Studio
Hair — Molly Bergan
Dress — Princess Bride Couture in Bothell
Flowers — Shanda Shepherd of the Rocket Market
Catering — Beacon Hill
Cake — Just American Desserts
DJ — Traks DJ Service
Suits — Nordstrom
Photo Booth — Entertainment Warehouse
Arbor Rental — The Attic

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