A Catch Of A Washington Wedding

Samantha and Norm are a quiet couple who run on their own clock, which friends will tell you means Samantha and Norm will show up anywhere between 30 minutes to two hour late.

And these two like to keep it simple. Give them a couple of horses, an opportunity to work hard, followed by some down time with a good beer and great friends, and these two are happy.

I first talked with Samantha over the phone and we discussed her love for horses, photography and how her fiancé was a Northwestern crew member on the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch”. We talked about my workflow, how I would handle myself around a bunch of rowdy crab fishermen, and her ideas for her engagement sessions and doing some bride and groom portraits the day before her wedding — which is an awesome idea and great way to relieve a little stress the day of the wedding.

The engagement sessions (we did two) were planned with one at Samantha and Norm’s properties in Yakima, then a week later we took a trip over to Seattle to use the Northwestern as a backdrop, along with a few other locations in the area.

With some cross-state treks, a lot of email and phone conversations on how we were going to make it all happen, and then the big day, this ended up being one of the most involved, rewarding and fun weddings yet.


Venue — Suncadia Resort
Hair & Make-up — Studio 16 Salon
Catering —  Suncadia Resort
Cake — Mike’s Amazing Cakes

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Newborns My Way

I’m not a baby photographer.

When people contact me for baby photos, they typically want the baby wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket, or propped up while the baby is sleeping, or something along those lines. There are a lot of solid baby photographers in the area like Lisa Wise and Staci Bailey who excel at this type of baby portraiture.

I, on the other had, try to focus more on moments and memories of the interactions of new parents with their baby.

For Clinton and Brandi’s request, I reiterated the previous two sentences because it’s important to address expectations, wants and needs right away to make sure the photographer-client relationship starts out on the right track.

When you set expectations early, it ensures both parties are going to enjoy the process and the end product.

For baby Charlotte, we went it with some ideas of what we wanted to showcase and the overall feel. There was a little bath time involved, a nap (for the baby, not me), some showing off of the miniature New York Giants shoes that Clinton had to get in there and of course some moments throughout our time.

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Crazy Fun Crew

In this business, you come across all sorts of people.

Serious, laid back, frantic, emotional, super happy, and spacey. Each one has their own way of making the day memorable and ultimately fun because of the situation we find ourselves in. But I have to say the goof balls are the ones who keep me on my toes. I never know what they’re going to do next. Goof balls like to put on a show. And those little shows offer a lot of great moments.

For Amanda and Chris, they had a whole team of goof balls for their wedding party. And that ultimately made for a very comfortable day.

I already knew I was in for a good wedding day due to how well this couple’s engagement session went — check out Chris and Amanda’s Snowy Engagement session. It was an amazing day in the snow, and we hit it off right away.

With a bridesmaid showing up from under the bride’s dress, to an over-protective best man with a rifle, the goof balls didn’t disappoint with the moments they provided.

At the end of their day, Chris and Amanda has a lot of fun images that told the story of their day and highlighted the people who made it awesome.


Venue — Beacon Hill
Hair & Make-up — Flawless Salon
Wedding dress — Mossuto’s Bridal
Suits — Tuxedo Gallery
Flowers — Evergreen Florist
Catering —  Beacon Hill
Cake —  Marsell’s Cakes

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