Triebwasser Wedding

For months we planned for a snowy, winter wedding on Priest Lake. After all, why would a couple pick Elkins Resort in December if they didn’t want snow. There was one hiccup though, Mother Nature.

With no snow in the forecast for the wedding day, and rain before and after, there was a little bit of worry that things wouldn’t work out as planned. But wouldn’t you know, things worked out. Despite the lack of snow, Mother Nature gave us an amazing day with sunshine periodically breaking through the clouds to highlight the amazing backdrop Samantha and Corey picked for their wedding.

“We picked Elkins Resort because it really was a great combination of rustic, outdoors, but with comfort,” the newlywed explained about her choice in venue. “We didn’t want anything too fancy, but also didn’t want it too informal. When we first walked in the door at Elkins and smelt the fire burning and the log cabin feel, we knew instantly it was the place for us. We also wanted to make this a family getaway weekend. So Elkins being about a two hour drive from all our families, provided just that. Everyone that attended the wedding stayed in cabins for the weekend and spent time with family and friends laughing and reconnecting. It made it into a wedding that people wont forget.”

There was an amazing patchwork of snow pockets on the beach, gorgeous light from the cloud breaks throughout the day, there was enough snow to provide that winter backdrop, and the temperature was just right to be outside during the portrait sessions.

Once inside the main lodge for the ceremony, it was a packed house full of family and friends who traveled to see Samantha and Corey exchange their vows and celebrate their wedding day.

“Everyone always says that the day goes by so fast and before you know it, it’s over. I really thought that since we had a smaller wedding of about 75 people, that I would be able to really be there and be in the moment of everything happening,” Samantha explained. “However, once looking through the photos I realized all the little things that happened throughout the night. This made me so grateful to have had Jerome capturing those moments for us. When going through the photos with family and friends, we all laugh and tell stories about the night and get to relive the moments that were created.”

After a fun night of celebrations with family, friends, a lot of dancing, and a healthy dose of “shot skis” from the bar, everyone made their way back to their cabins to relax and reflect on the day.

“I honestly can’t think of anything I would have done differently. Sure there are little things here and there, but in the end all those small details don’t matter and aren’t the things you remember. We got to celebrate an amazing day with those closest to us and the memories created will last a lifetime.”

Samantha’s tips for planning a wedding:

Tackle all the big things right away. Within the first month of being engaged we had our venue booked, food picked, DJ booked, florist selected, and bakery selected. This allowed me to at least breath in knowing that these things were accomplished. After that it was all the small details, which let me tell you can drive you crazy if you let them. I learned to pick something I liked and just go with it, not allow myself to second guess things. At some point you have to get off pinterest and just feel confident in your selections. The small details are not what your guest and yourself will remember from the day, it is all the big moments you shared together. So just let it go!

Make-up — Alexis with Kiss and Makeup Studios
Hair — done by the bride’s sister
Dress — David’s Bridal
Flowers — Erica’s Expressions
Venue, Catering & Wedding Planning — Elkins Resort
Cake — Stacie’s Cakes
Rings — Zales
Decorations — crafted by the bride
DJ — Brent Owens with Sound Climax
Suits — Mr. Tux

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Best of 2015

I’m a lucky man.

I had so many great days with a lot of fun people who were awesome to let me do what I do to support my family and feed my creative side.

Between all the weddings, portraits and editorial shoots, I realized the idea of being able to document a small part of a person or family’s history, and get access to all the behind the scenes emotions, stories and activities is a truly special gift.

If it weren’t for all these people who trust me, my family supporting me, and my first boss (and father figure) Al Twyman making me realize my responsibility of utilizing my talents, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So thank you to all those who have spent all the time with me this year which allowed me to capture all these great moments and tell a little bit of your story.

As this year comes to a close, realize what you bring to this world and offer it in any way you can. Give more than you take, find happiness, be kind, laugh often and appreciate everything you have.

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A Wild One At Elk Point

Weddings go by quickly when you’re the focus of the day. Often times I hear couples telling me their wedding day was a whirlwind and they barely had time to catch their breath.

For Kellen and Jordan they were able to take on the planning well in advance, and also bring on a wedding coordinator to help sort out the details on the big day which allowed them to focus on the moments of their day and try to soak it all in.

“The stress level was fairly low for us,” Jordan explained. “There were a few tense moments, but overall there wasn’t much stress. Even the weeks leading up, it was more nervous anticipation that all this planning would meet our expectations.”

Despite Kellen finishing her Masters in Nursing Education while planning their wedding for 18 months, and Jordan staying busy as a firefighter in the Portland area, these two were able to work in all their details with the help of wedding coordinator Diana from Agape Events and Kellen’s mother who still lives in Coeur d’Alene.

“Our wedding is the only time all of our friends and family from both sides will be in the same room so it was great to have everyone there dancing, enjoying themselves and making memories. The reception went by so fast but we are so happy Jerome was there to capture everything. Looking back at the fantastic pictures brought back so many memories of the evening.”

With smoke from forest fires dominating the skies for the weeks prior to Kellen and Jordan’s August wedding, there were some tense days up to the event where they didn’t know what to expect. As luck with have it, a small rain storm blew through the area the night before the wedding and brought blue skies for their wedding day.

“We wouldn’t do anything differently. Our wedding was so perfect and there were no real glaring issues. But if we had to choose one thing, it would be to allow more time for dancing. There were so many things we did during our reception that we didn’t get our groove on as much as we would have liked. By starting the ceremony maybe an hour earlier would have allowed more time to dance our faces off.”

The other tip this couple has for others who are about to plan their wedding day is “If you aren’t planning on getting a wedding coordinator, give yourself plenty of time to plan.”


Makeup — Embellish Salon
Hair — Lisa Woods
Dress — Charlottes Bridal (Portland)
Flowers — Rose & Blossom
Catering — Mangia
Cake & cupcakes — Sweet Frostings
Rings — Avenue 5 (Portland)
Decorations — The Attic and the bride
DJ — Traks DJ Service
Planner — Diana from Agape Events

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