Pinterest Overload

Severe Hyperpinterestkemia:  An acute disorder when brides allow Pinterest to take over their lives causing them to forget who they are and want they want for their wedding

Cure:  An extended period of isolation from Pinterest boards and self reflection; or, a solid plan and understanding of how to manage your Pinterest wedding boards

Pinterest PostPinterest is an amazing tool for helping you create a vision for your wedding. But all too often, brides go pin crazy and will have a gajillion different pins. And while this may be a great way to start brainstorming, unless you narrow those pins to a single board representing the design and look for your wedding, it will become overwhelming very quickly.

I found the brides with the best plan of attack for their boards are the ones who already know the look they want. They create a board for their dress, then their bouquet, and cake, seating, decorations, etc. But once they have those boards pretty full, they step back for a bit, and then schedule an afternoon where they pick the best of the best for what they want and put that into a “My Wedding” board.

At this point, the “My Wedding” board doesn’t have thousands or hundreds of pins. This single board is meant to highlight the one vision you want for each element of your wedding. Or it could be two if you’d like to mesh them together. But the important thing is that there is focus and intent behind the pins within this one board and it represents who you are and what you want for your wedding.

Now having said that, what should be in that board? Here are the main categories that you should be pulling from:

  • Wedding dress
  • Bridesmaids dresses
  • Groom’s tux or suit
  • Groomsmen’s tuxes or suits
  • Hairstyles
  • Makeup
  • Wedding rings
  • Centerpieces
  • Bouquets
  • Boutonnieres
  • Seating arrangements  (ceremony and reception)
  • Reception decor
  • Cakes
  • Cake presentations (stands and tables)
  • Lighting
  • Guestbooks
  • Reception games

That’s a pretty lengthy list. And I’m sure there can be more listed, but that’s a good starting point. And like I said, you can have as many boards and pins as you’d like, but you have to narrow them down to one board. And once you get to that one board, don’t go crazy and start pinning a ton of other stuff. Only if it can bump something off of the “My Wedding” board, should you be considering to pin it.

Now, let’s talk about creating boards for wedding photos.

It’s great to collaborate with your photographer and show them the types of images that you like. But, you need to be diligent and do your homework before you pick your photographer. Because if you love and pin a ton of vintage-style imagery, and the photographer you have in mind (or have hired) doesn’t do that type of work, that’s called a bad match. Use Pinterest to figure out the style of photography you like, then use that knowledge to find the photographer that’s right for you. Look at their websites and browse Apple Brides, Snap Knot, Wedding Wire, etc. to see who fits your engagement and wedding photographer pins.

And once you make that match, collaborate. Don’t expect them to match those images you pinned. You don’t go to a steakhouse and ask the chef to cook a steak like the other steakhouse does across town. Us photographers are sensitive and like to create art the way we know how. Having us recreate someone else’s art makes us cranky. Share your thoughts and ideas, and then brainstorm with your photographer. Really collaborate and come up with some ideas for your imagery so when your friends and family look at your album, they’ll be blown away by the creativity and uniqueness.

I’ll be diving into the photography collaboration process in a later blog post.

Now, step away from the Pinterest boards, take a deep breath, and find out what best represents you.

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