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Dover, Idaho Barn Wedding

Koko & Jared are a fun couple. I found this out during our engagement portrait session. We had a blast goofing off, find cool spot, having a little break in a downtown Coeur d’Alene pub, and then they decided getting into the water was a good idea to end the engagement session. It was cold and they unfortunately kicked up some stench buried in the silt. Despite the situation they found themselves in, it was hilarious, we laughed quite a bit about it and managed to get a great image from it.

When it came to their wedding day, we had collaborated a lot on the details, locations, timeline and all the important aspects they wanted to highlight.

The plan for their wedding day was to have the wedding at their Catholic church and then a nice dinner and start of a reception outdoors at the Dover Barn. After that, they would transition into one of the most epic dance parties I’ve been afforded to document.

“I picked this venue because it was just what I wanted after having a formal catholic ceremony,” Koko explained about her venue choice. “I loved the idea of having an indoor and outdoor part to our reception. The tent with dinner was great and then upstairs in the barn for the dancing was perfect. The barn was able to hold all of our guests and really get the dance party going.”

As she dove into the planning, the stress began to build a bit.

She stressed over the lights in the barn, table set up, decorations on the fence, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, and earrings. Koko and three of her friends folded napkins for six hours.

Since she had a long engagement, and begin planning early, she was able to coordinate with her vendors, ordered anything and everything she could on Amazon Prime, and plan times to knock out those little tasks ahead of time. Koko made Word documents and emailed them to everyone. But when it came to the actually day, it was much more complicated.

Despite the complications, all the hard work paid off.

They had a great ceremony that transitioned well as they went to their dinner and beginning of the reception.

But as was stated before, the dance party was what took this wedding up a notch. And it was definitely a focus of the bride and groom.

DJ Dolph began to work his magic when I realized he wasn’t really a wedding DJ. He was a full on club DJ. He mixed some great tracks together, kept everyone moving … a lot. After an hour or so, the inside of that barn was like a sauna and everyone was having a great time. The barn offered people the raging dance party upstairs, but also a little break for some fresh air downstairs.

“The best part of my day was right after our first kiss and getting to the reception to mingle and see all of our guests. My second favorite part of my day was when we began our dance party, which was so amazing!”

If she had to do it over again, there’s not much Koko would change.

“I would just relax and plan as much as possible and then when the big day comes, just enjoy it. I would also invite less people than we did. I would have been more strict with my parents and Jared’s parents about inviting just close friends and family.”

As Koko and Jared made their way down the stairs from the dance floor, exhausted, sweaty and ready to head out on their honeymoon, their guests began lighting sparklers for their big exit. You’d think that the energy would been tapped out by that time, but everyone wanted to keep the party going.

I’d say that’s a good sign that all the hard work planning for an epic wedding day that ended with a great dance party was executed perfectly.

Venue — Dover Homestead Barn
Reception Rental Items — All About Weddings
Dress — Marcella’s
Florist — Safeway Floral in Sandpoint
Makeup — Makeup by Monica Thode
DJ — DJ Dolph

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