Spokane Art Deco Wedding


Reed and Daniel walked into the iconic Fox Theater in downtown Spokane and knew they had found the spot to celebrate their union after more than eight years together.

The classic art deco was striking. The all-in-one wedding venue provided a central location for the ceremony and reception so guests wouldn’t have to travel between two sites. And they could stay downtown for their hotels, preparations, portraits and the wedding itself.

“We stopped looking at other venues as soon as we visited the Fox,” Reed explained about their venue. “We wanted to keep the decorations really simple, since the Fox Theater basically comes “pre-decorated” with the amazing interior design. We ordered bulk flowers from Costco, which was a great idea and turned out really well.”

Reed’s sister made simple bouquets of the flowers (white calla lilies), and stuck the remaining loose stems in vases on the tables, submerged them in water, and floated a candle on top.

We started the morning with a last-minute engagement session since they never had any professional photos done before. We toured around downtown Spokane enjoy some of the great backdrops the city has to offer. Reed and Daniel kept the morning light after the session and visited Urbana Salon where the girls in the wedding party were getting ready to chat and share some wine.

The one thing that threw them a bit of a curve ball was all of the road construction taking place downtown.

“Well, we weren’t expecting so much road construction around the venue, leading to most of us having to climb over and around dirt trenches and steamrollers in formalwear,” Reed commented. “Other than that, it wasn’t too much of a disruption though.”

Once everyone was at The Fox, the celebration was on. The amazing lines and decor of the theater itself offered an awesome backdrop for their ceremony. And as far as celebrations go, this one ran the gamut with great stories that brought about a lot of laughs and emotions. But once the party started, that’s when everyone let loose. The dance floor was packed and when everyone was helping pack up for the night, there was still a pretty big crowd.

Weddings can be pretty overwhelming. There is so much to pack into one day. With Reed and Daniel’s wedding day, the packed in an engagement session, scheduled time to share some wine and stories with their wedding party, and had time to visit with their guests during the reception. And they managed to do all of that without a lot of stress or rushing throughout the day.

Good job gents.

The best part of working with me for Reed and Daniel’s:

“Having Jerome around all day was great! We got in a mini “engagement photo session” in the morning, which gave us some photos in different clothes and locations that look really nice. He stuck around all the way until we left late that night. Jerome was really easy to work with, and easily rolled with the minor chaos that was the immediate pre-ceremony time when everyone was arriving for family photos.”

Reed and Daniel’s wedding planning tip:

  • We used AirTable.com – a free online database app – to plan and organize everything that had to do with guests: the invitation list, the guest addresses, the seating chart, the wedding gifts, thank you notes, etc. For example, when we opened a wedding gift, I snapped a picture of the gift and the card, created a new entry in the AirTable app on my phone, and then just tapped one of the already-entered guest or family names. Then when I went to write thank you notes, there was already a list there with names, addresses, and gifts, with a checkbox I could tap when finishing each one. It made everything so much easier. Its super easy to use and so much better than using google docs or paper.
  • Make sure your receive a confirmation, in writing, from each vendor themselves, at least a week before the wedding.
  • Have a list of your vendors and their cell phone numbers so you can get a hold of them if there are any issues.


Cake — Marsell’s Cakes

Suits — Macy’s

Flowers —Costco

DJ and lighting — Complete Music Northwest

Catering — Beacon Hill

Hair for the girls — Urbana Salon and Makeup Studio

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