Stylish Lakeside Wedding


The best part about my job is I get to hang out with some awesome people who are celebrating one of the best, and biggest, days of their lives.

When I first sat down with Cristina and Matt at Moontime in Coeur d’Alene, we hit it off immediately. For one, we were at Moontime enjoy some tasty grub. But it was also we both valued moments, and relationships — two pretty big components of a wedding day.

So with their wedding plans for the Hagadone Events Center, they were immediately attracted to the great view of the lake because the had great memories with family on Lake Coeur d’Alene, and the Hagadone Event Center has one of the best views to offer so they could share more memories with more family and friends. And the fact the venue is all windows with an incredible view, so it didn’t need much decoration didn’t hurt since they were planning from California which took some of the weight off from the planning process for them.

Since they had their venue, they next worked on putting together their other vendors. And as Cristina and Matt quickly found out, having a solid team of wedding vendors makes all the difference.

“A lot wouldn’t have happened without Jerome’s help. He is so much more than a photographer. He helped me develop my “team” as I like to put it: Traks DJ Service and Ferguson Films,” Cristina explained. “I didn’t have to stress about how any of that would go because all three of them are awesome, and so cool and easy to work with. (Jerome) helped me develop a timeline for the day and then coordinated with the venue as well. Any questions I had, he could always help, whether it was photo related or not, and instantly!”

With their “team” in place, this California couple could now focus on their vows and coordinate their stylish wedding day attire.

“We wrote our own vows, and they were really important to us,” Cristina explained. “Also, I think what we wore (was important too). A lot of time was spent making sure we both had the details that we wanted. We both felt like the best versions of ourselves that day.”

Once their wedding day arrived, it was non-stop moments from their fun crew of bridesmaids and groomsmen, to their families and friends who showed up to celebrate their day.

By the end of the evening, as Cristina and Matt rode back to The Coeur d’Alene Resort on a wooden boat, the goal that we had set during our consultation had been achieved — a great visual story that captured all the moments and special relationships from their wedding day.

“There are several (favorite images) actually. The portraits of just Matt and I. Particularly the ones on the beach during sunset,” Cristina reflected. “We got to slip away and Jerome captured the happy, magical stillness in those moments. It’s a hectic day, and Jerome knows this, so he is always your buddy you can signal if you need to walk away and taking photos with your significant other are a great excuse. The group photo at the end of the ceremony is awesome! We also have some great group photos of our wedding party. And the photo of us dancing!!!”

Cristina and Matt’s wedding planning tips:

  • Dance lessons are a good idea! Be proactive, and have fun doing it together as a team.
  • As much as you can, do what you want to do, and not what you think you should do or what someone else wants you to do. It’s about you, the couple, so the more you tailor it to you, I think the more comfortable you will be on your day, and your photos will be even better!


Venue — Hagadone Event Center

Hair, Make-Up & Catering – The Coeur d’Alene Resort

DJ – Traks DJ Service

Videographer — Ferguson Films

Florist – Sunflower Florist

Cake – Just American Desserts

Dress – BHLDN

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