Being A Father

Father’s Day Is Everyday

I never knew my father, but I consider myself lucky because of it.

I’m lucky because I realized what was missing in my life without a dad and I knew the type of dad I wanted to be, and the type I definitely didn’t want to be. That notion motivated me to be the best father I could be when I had children.

It also meant that I embraced the few father figures I did have in my life and to learn from the lessons they taught me.

  • Always look at the big picture
  • How to be a gentleman
  • Ways to hustle to ensure my family would never be without
  • Smile more and don’t be so guarded all the time
  • Make sure I look at every big decision I have to make in life from all angles
  • Have a solid work ethic and be reliable
  • Lead by example

But more than anything, having my two daughters reinforced how important it is to be present and shower them with love and affection.

More often than not I drive my poor wife nuts when I end up goofing off with my girls. But I never want to be distant. I want to be everything for them and to pass on the idea that a few moments a day of focus, conversation and goofing off can set the tone for a childhood. And hopefully they take that approach and put their own spin on it with their children when the time comes.

As a father, all of these thoughts hit me like a ton of bricks every time I’m documenting a wedding and see the emotions the dads are feeling. There’s so much time, love, work, and attention given to your daughter, and then a wedding day comes along and you have to take a step back (not too far back though) and allow someone else assume the responsibility for their well being. By this time a dad should have put the guns and knives away because their daughter has found someone that will take care of them and treat them as good as you have. They will be loved, taken care of, supported, encouraged by their husband and hopefully will have someone to goof off with, share laughs and adventures with.

It’s a lot to take in. I can only imagine what it takes to go through that milestone. It’s got to take a lot of trust, strength and love.

And for those reasons, I say happy father’s day to all those dads out there who are present in their kid’s lives and work everyday to provide a great childhood and life for them.



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