Family Photography Workshop

Family Quality Time Photography Workshop

Let’s face it, families are busier now more than ever. Between school, work, activities, long hours wasted on social media, it all adds up and usually it’s the quality time that suffers.

That’s crap.

As my wife and I are almost empty nesters, I’m realizing more than ever how important our quality time was. Even the simple things like going on drives with the kids, walks downtown, goofing off in the backyard, and of course, little photo outings with my girls gave us some great memories.

I teach a few classes every year teaching people how to use their cameras and take better pictures. I’ve also taught a few courses for children-focused non-profit groups. So I figured, why don’t I put together a free (you read that right) workshop every quarter where parents and their kids can come in with their cameras, phones, or whatever they have to capture an image and show them how to “see” pictures better.

Learn How To See Images

My Art of Seeing Images classes have been popular in the past. By adding parents into the mix with their children, this will allow some of those opportunities for quality time.

My family photography workshop classes will be fairly simple. We’ll meet up in the studio, discuss what you like about photography, what you like to photograph and break down the simple formula that helps elevate a snapshot into a thought out images. We’ll do a little Q&A and then I’ll give you an assignment based on your likes and experiences. Then you’ll post your images to a private Facebook group where other workshop participants can provide feedback, you can share ideas, or even meet up with other “workshoppers” for your own family photo events.

Technical information, advanced camera settings, and other curriculum isn’t the goal of these workshops. It’s all about how to see an image before it’s captured, breaking down the artistic elements that make a great image, and how these skills can be applied to your everyday photography whether it’s with a high-end camera or with your phone. This is a great way to disconnect from social media and enjoy some quality time with your family creating art.

The first workshop will be Saturday, March 23rd at 10 a.m. in my studio in Hayden. It’s limited to two families and will last about 90 minutes. The appropriate ages for children are between 10 and 18 years old.

If you’re interested in taking part, contact me soon.


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