Rainy Wedding at Red Lion Templin's in Post Falls, Idaho | Nicole and Tim

Rainy Wedding Day Overcome With Laughter

Some weddings just have a general feeling while you’re at them, a theme that you take away from it and is intertwined in the memories of the day. For Nicole and Tim’s wedding on June 30th, that theme was laughter. From the reception filled with laughing and storytelling to each picture captured that day you can see how much Nicole, Tim, and all their guests were enjoying themselves. “I don’t think it would be possible for us to pick the best ‘part’ of our wedding day because the whole day went better than I could have ever imagined. Everything from the unexpected rain at the ceremony, to dancing and laughing with friends at the reception, to the firework show to end the night made the day unforgettable,” reflected Nicole.

Having A Blank Slate At Red Lion Templin’s Hotel on the River

The wedding was held at the Red Lion Templin’s Hotel on the River in Post Falls, Idaho. The couple chose their venue for the beautiful river backdrop as well as “it was pretty much a blank slate that we were able to design and plan completely from scratch”. The reception was held in one of the conference rooms that was transformed into a beautiful space with the help of draping, lighting, decor, and more. Nicole and her mom had fun coming up with ideas on how to decorate the space (it helps to have a mom who’s an interior designer). The couple used Audio Affiliated to add some decorative lighting and Diana from Agape Events to help plan and coordinate the decorating.

Rain Didn’t Slow This Bride Down

The day of their wedding, it rained. There was a small break in the early afternoon that we took full advantage of for pictures. But then the rain returned. Nicole was given the option of moving the ceremony under a tent (and crowding in with all the guests together in the process) or just embracing the rain and carrying on with the outdoor ceremony. Nicole and Tim chose to keep the ceremony in the rain, which offered enough space for their guests as well as perfect lighting.

At first, Nicole was concerned when she saw it had begun to rain again but then she changed her approach, “I grabbed a huckleberry Moscow Mule and we embraced it.”

Thinking back to the rainy ceremony, she said “I am so glad we decided to just go with it. My once curled hair may have gotten soaked and turned into a rats nest, but it was absolutely perfect.”

Adapt & Overcome

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, Nicole said she wouldn’t do a single thing differently if she could do it all over again, “it was our dream day surrounded by the best family and friends”. There’s a picture of the newly-wedded couple watching the fireworks that is absolutely magical. It wasn’t planned, but it captures the love the couple has for each other, as well as the theme of the day — celebrating with family and friends. Nicole loves that picture too.

People think we staged the picture with my parents on one side of Tim and I and Tim’s mom on the other. But we didn’t. It is perfect.”

Venue & Catering — Red Lion Templin’s On The River
Coordinator — Agape Events
DJ & Lighting — Audio Affiliated
Florist — Rose & Blossom
Rentals — Event Rents
Cake — Sweet Frostings Bakeshop
Photo Booth — Funny Booth
Dress — Amy’s Bridal
Makeup — Terri Reece Studios
Videographer — Crain Studios




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