Stormy Ranch Wedding in Chewelah, Washington | Tammy and Chris

Chewelah, Washington Wedding

Couples who are planning a wedding together are normally extremely stressed. The sheer amount of work that has to be done in preparation for a wedding can overwhelm even the most organized people. Chris and Tammy took a very different approach to their big day; this was evident the first time I ever spoke with them. They were driving while on the phone with me and we immediately clicked- joking and laughing through the whole conversation.

Mother Nature Had Other Wedding Plans

Their wedding was held on Tammy’s parents’ property in Chewelah, Washington, a place that the couple loved visiting. Initially intended to be an outdoor wedding in a gorgeous field, plans had to change (and rather quickly). Quarter-sized hail and lightning made the field idea impossible, so the festivities were brought near the barn. The ceremony was delayed in hopes that the weather would clear up enough to still be in the field, but ultimately it was moved.

We were super excited to have the ceremony and group picture in the field, but you roll with the punches and have fun no matter what,” reflected Tammy on the location change.

Real Simple compiled a list of “10 Little Tricks for a Stress-Free Wedding Day” and the very first one on the list relates to weather. You can’t control the weather so why stress about it? Tammy and Chris had a backup ceremony location that they were able to move to, thus avoiding panic and chaos. There was some weather-related anxiety, but who would blame them?

Capturing Wedding Moments

The wedding was small, yet full of laughter, family, and friends. The smaller size allowed Tammy and Chris to interact with each and every guest. Tammy enjoyed having a smaller wedding, saying “We both loved the reception and getting to just laugh and have fun with our friends and family, smoking cigars, eating and drinking. Keeping our wedding small really helped with that opportunity.”

The planning and execution was a family affair. Tammy’s brother did all of the catering and there was an array of delicious smoked meat. Tammy’s mom was on cake duty. A small mix-up at the bakery threw a wrench into the couple’s plans when the cake could not be located.

The company we ordered the cake from did make a few calls and got us the cake we originally wanted that evening and mom was able to get it decorated, it all worked out,” Tammy smiled.

The wedding photos turned out wonderful.

“We had friends get married a few months before us and they complained that that had no pictures of the two of them together that they really liked. We have the opposite problem!” gushed Tammy. Despite the unexpected weather, we were still able to capture the glowing couple and their day beautifully.

Wedding Planning Tips From The Bride

One thing Tammy would have done differently was hired some people to help with the behind-the-scenes preparations so her family was not running around quite so much; “We would have hired a bartender! Some people weren’t sure how to make their own drinks, so the didn’t drink as much as we thought they would. Also, we would have hired a person or two to run the food, ensure plates, cups, and ice were stocked and to do minor clean up throughout the night, some of the little things. It would have saved my parents and Todd some time to share in the festivities some more, and realized some stress for them.”

When asked what advice she could offer couples planning their wedding Tammy said, “Don’t focus on the material items since it’s the moments that will be remembered.”

Chris and Tammy definitely maximized every moment of their day, spending time with their close friends and family. “There are two times in life everyone gets together … funerals and weddings, so cherish those happy moments when you can!” laughed Tammy.



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