Coeur d'Alene Winter Engagement Portraits

Coeur d’Alene Winter Engagement Portraits

Do you know that kind cold that as you begin to warm up, it hurts?

I had the opportunity to feel that pain during Lindsey and Ethan’s engagement portrait session. They knew they wanted something “wintery” for their images, but they bit off more they could chew as we decided to knock out the session before a winter storm arrived.

“The whole session was memorable,” Lindsey said about her biting cold engagement session. “It was in the low 20’s with a slight wind chill and just before a big snow storm hit Coeur d’Alene (that night). Neither of us were particular in what we were looking for out of our engagement session so we rolled with the punches.”

The two main focuses for the session were it had to be somewhere with Lake Coeur d’Alene in the background because they spend a lot of time on the water during the great North Idaho summers. The other focus was they wanted their dogs in a few shots. Oh, and the winter theme. How can we forget about the winter portion?

With Bailey and Layla (Lindsey and Ethan’s dogs) raring to go, we spent some time working them into the portraits. They were rambunctious to say the least and the chaos made for some fun moment photography.

“We love the picture of Ethan and I kneeling, with our dogs on each side of us. Bailey appears to have a smile, and Layla is very regal looking.”

After the dogs time in the spotlight, we worked on a few shots of the happy (but cold) couple and headed into the warmth and shelter of our cars so they could change outfits. After a few extra minutes of holding hand in front of the vents in our cars to warm up, we head back out to the shoreline where the snow began to lighten up a bit, but the wind remained cold and steady.

It was on the beach I captured a nice little moment between the shivering couple as they went in for a kiss. It ended up being my favorite from the session and was on Lindsey and Ethan’s list of top shots too.

“The other picture we like so much is the black and white of Ethan against a log, with me on his lap. You captured us while smiling, just was we leaned in for a kiss,” Lindsey explained about one of her favorite shots from the session. “Little do you realize, he’s sitting on cold, snowy rocks, and we are shivering.”

Once we captured the final image of the session, we realized the cold was getting the best of us so we did a quick review, made sure we had the images that we had been expecting, and then retreated to the warmth and comfort of our cars and headed home to thaw out.

I prefer a little more direction so Ethan and I are doing the same facial expressions. Some pictures only one of us is smiling, and it would be helpful if there was some direction of “Let’s smile in these. Let’s be serious/romantic in these. Let’s be silly here” With us both facing the camera, it would be nice to be able to do different facial expressions, at the same time.

Do your research on what you want exactly. From attire to a specific pose. We didn’t have a preference, but had the opportunity to pose or do something we wanted to do. We were so cold by the end, we were okay with what we had and were ready to wrap up.

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