“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin


Whether you’re trying to figure out all the menu functions on your new camera, or if you’re trying to find a way to work up to the next level in your photography, I can get you there.

With more than a decade teaching photojournalism and various workshops, I’ll walk you through the basics and provide you with information and hands-on training so you’ll know what all those settings mean, how to best apply them depending on what you’re photographing, and you’ll find confidence when behind the camera.

If you have a good handle on the basics, but it isn’t quite clicking on the creative side, I provide classes allowing you to look for those artistic elements to work into your images and ways to get those creative juices flowing.

The next step in your photography is to understand how to put the finishing touches on your images with Photoshop, Lightroom or other photo editing applications. I offer an introduction into knowing the three basic areas you need to focus on when editing your images and a few other areas of more advanced editing.

Classes are done in two 2-hour sessions which are limited to six students or provided in a one-on-one setting.

Classes start at $219 for group settings or $349 for one-on-one training.

Contact me now at education@jeromepollosphotography.com for more information.

Jerome teaches in a very practical, no b.s. style, while still making the learning experience fun and engaging. He teaches you to shoot not only technically sound, aesthetically pleasing photos, but also photos with emotion and intention. When I’m shooting in just about every situation now, I think back to what Jerome taught me, “don’t just shoot nouns and verbs. Go deeper and shoot adjectives and adverbs.

After taking his class, Jerome continued to mentor me throughout my journey into the field of photojournalism. His guidance landed me my first internship and after that my first staff job as a photographer at a local newspaper. He has never stopped offering critiques of my portfolio, helped me set up my website and has offered design advice in the creation of photo books. However, as a testament to his persistent and encouraging character, Jerome’s guidance hasn’t stopped there. He also helped me make the leap into the freelancing world, assisting me with pitches to editors and fleshing out story ideas while I was documenting humanitarian issues in Greece.

I can’t give a high enough recommendation to anyone considering taking one of Jerome’s courses. You will not only gain a thorough knowledge of photography or photojournalism, but also an inspirational, passionate and dedicated mentor as you make your way into the photo world.”

Gabriel G.

“I had the privilege of mentoring with Jerome  from 2014-2017. In that time, he taught me a considerable deal on client communications, networking, management, finances, archiving, editing, marketing, sales, outsourcing and gear recommendations. His organized, detailed, generous and approachable way of doing business and mentoring photographers is backed by his years of experience.

What I valued most in those 3 years was his willingness to help in any way that he could. If ever I had a question, even if not during one of our scheduled meetings, he was prompt and precise with an answer. He’s also the perfect person to bounce ideas off!

Without question, Jerome is highly recommended not only for a portrait or wedding session but as a mentor in the business of photography.” 

Andrea J.


Starting a photography business is difficult. 

First off, there are so many of us out there. And with so much competition, how do you set yourself apart? The best way to set yourself apart is by being in business longer than three years. 

A lot of photography business owners find themselves going under after struggling for three years because they don’t have a solid foundation of knowledge and insight when they begin to build their business. Knowing about market research, setting expectations, client fulfillment, workflows, pricing, marketing, time management, the cost of doing business and a ton of other issues can be extemely overwhelming.

Over the past three years, I’ve assisted photographers in navigating these issues to put them on the right path to business success.

I’m not promising you’ll book 200 portraits or 50 weddings. I’m not saying you’ll be rich if you invest in my mentoring program. That would be totally irresponsible and if you read that anywhere else, I would approach with extreme caution.

What I am promising is that you’ll have a solid base of knowledge into what it takes to run a successful photography business. You won’t be making the mistakes I did that cause you to stay up at night and wonder if you’re doing the right thing. And most importantly, you’ll have the insight to navigate through those tough business decisions knowing how it could potentnially affect your business because you understand all aspects of your business.

My mentoring program takes place over one year and you’ll receive curriculum and follow-up conversations twice a month to ensure comprehension and you have an understanding on how the material can be applied to your business. Plus, you’ll be able to contact me via email whenever you have a question.

Again, this isn’t a course that will guarantee you so many leads or bookings. This is directly aimed at photographers who are ready to get their business started on the right track so they can be profitable and sustainable past those first three years.

Mentoring is $79 a month with a one-year commitment.

One-day business consulting to review planning, strategy, pricing structure, the short and long-term outlook, and quarterly update meetings is $799.

Contact me now at education@jeromepollosphotography.com for more information.

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