Family Bonding At Elk Point

Elk Point at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Lauren and Sy’s July 21 summer wedding was full of family, laughter, and music. From the location, an ode to Sy’s Alaskan roots to the ceremony music Sy’s mother and brothers played — every detail represented the couple perfectly. Weddings are about the connection between families and Lauren and Sy’s day definitely represented that.

The couple chose to have their wedding at Elk Point in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Sy and Lauren both enjoy the outdoors so they looked for a venue that would reflect their love of water and mountains. The scenic lake backdrop made for a gorgeous ceremony — especially since it was a bright, sunny day.

We had planned for the reception the most simply due to it being the most logistically complicated. Our ceremony was most important but easiest to plan,” Lauren reflected on the planning of her big day. Sean, the couple’s minister, personalized the ceremony to reflect Lauren and Sy perfectly. Lauren said that was one of her favorite moments from the wedding day.

Enlisting Wedding Help

Lauren’s mom helped with the arranging, organizing, and decorations for the reception. Her help aided in keeping everyone calm in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding. Sy admitted they did get a little overwhelmed about three weeks out “by the mass of everything that had to get done.” Brides and grooms often feel like they’re drowning in the amount of planning and preparing they have to do before their wedding. Martha Stewart Weddings offers up some tips to cope and minimize stress leading up to the wedding. From divvying up the to-do list to relying on friends and family for support, there are ways to make preparing for the big day go smoothly!

One of the best shots of the day was Sy’s family photo where they’re all mimicking birds. Sy’s brother, Sean, needed the motivation to partake in a family photo so they acted out an eagle who met a seagull in rehab from a broken wing and fell in love. They’re flying together wingtip-to-wingtip while listening to R. Kelly’s “I Believe I  Can Fly” soaring above mountains. The hilarious picture emphasizes the importance of family and fun Lauren and Sy placed on their wedding day.

Though they’d heard it countless times, Lauren and Sy were still shocked at how fast the day went by. They had fun pictures taken with their friends and family, danced and listened to the music (both from Sy’s mom and brothers and their DJ Tyler “Zesh”), and watched their dads bond all day. Though their day went by fast, they both agreed they wouldn’t change a thing!

Venue — Elk Point
Catering — Ekness Catering
Suits — Mr. Tux
Dress — Marcella’s Bridal
DJ — DJ Zesh with Ruby Frog

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