Happy Couples Are Good For Business

Being identified by past couples as the best wedding photographer in the area is an amazing honor.

And while a lot of that comes from capturing complete and amazing stories on wedding days, it more has to do with how you get to that point. A lot of photographers think it’s about showing up with your gear, snapping pictures and editing. But it actually starts when I first talk with the couple.

Understanding their history, wants, needs, expectations and those little details all help to ensure we’re on the same page. Communicating through the time between that first conversation and until they receive their wedding album is pivotal. It what separates the wedding day announcement of, “Hey, the wedding photographer is here” and getting a big hug and being introduced as Jerome — not simply the wedding photographer.

This is what has sustained my business and what drives me to continue on this path.

For all the couples who have worked with me over the years, thank you for trusting in capturing a small part of your story.

Here’s to a great 2018 full of new friends, great moments and lots of cake.

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