A Unique Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day.

The one time of year when society takes a day to show appreciation for the women who have cared for their children.
It’s a hard job being a mom. I’ve seen the struggles my wife has gone through with our two daughters. But it’s not only the teenage years that were a struggle. It was seeing our girls grow up so fast. One minute they’re sleeping on our chest, learning to laugh and playing patty cake. Then they’re up and running around the house. Before you know it, they’re gone to school most of the day and then they’re planning for life after high school.

The time goes by so quickly. That’s the real struggle.

You bring this little life into the world and then it passes and you’re only left with the memories.
As a photographer, I was lucky enough to document our daughter’s childhoods. I was able to capture those little moments of the girls sleeping with my daughter. I have those shots of them goofing around with Marie on the trampoline or on family outings.
We have those memories captured in images for us to reflect upon. And that’s the one of the greatest gifts I can provide for the mother of my daughters — captured memories.

Even now, Marie and I go back through the images and take in the bittersweet emotions that come with them.

Clinging onto those moments of simpler times. When the biggest focus was play time and not basketball practices or my daughters’ jobs. We were never planning to make time to spend together. It was simple. There wasn’t a need for a plan to spend time with each other. It was the only thing we had to worry about.
But life gets busy. Children grow. Parents work. School and activities fill the calendar. It’s those moments between the chaos where you can enjoy a simple picnic in the backyard or a game of hide and go seek. Those moments when you curl up with your kids and their favorite book, or take on a fun art project together. Those are the memories that you want to reflect upon.
Watch the memories I captured for Katie & Her Boys During a Documentary Portrait Session

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