A Farmer's Wedding In Ontario, Oregon

What was the best part of your Ontario, Oregon wedding day?
The photo session with Jerome was great! He insisted we have a photo shoot after the wedding off site. It didn’t quite click with me at first, but I’m so glad we did. The great thing about this was Jerome was flexible and encouraged the site we chose. We decided to go back to our home which is on our family’s ranch and farm. There we went in the cattle field. Jerome was so excited about the Jerseys (cows) and worked with us. I thought maybe our ideas were silly, but he loved it!

What part had you planned for the most and why?
The ceremony. That is what matters. I put a lot of thought into my wedding party. Do they have what they need? They have kids some of which were in the wedding and some that weren’t.

Why did you pick this particular venue for your Ontario, Oregon wedding?
Our venue was outdoors in a family friend’s yard. They offered their place to us. The effort and upkeep they put into their yard is amazing. Surrounding the house is a grove of trees and beyond are miles of farm fields.

Did you stress over the details and decorations? If so, which ones and why? If not, what’s your secret?
We didn’t worry about the decorations as the yard itself was so beautiful! We chose this venue as it “speaks beauty” for itself. Find a venue your totally comfortable with even without decorations. Then the decorations added with just be icing on the cake!

What was the best part about working with Jerome Pollos Photography?
Jerome knew where to be at each time and was very organized. He helped us stay organized and was flexible if the schedule changed at all. I forgot my wedding dress, so we didn’t get to take pictures of the dress. Jerome was chill and we just made it a funny memory and moved on. He was great!

Which teaser image(s) is your favorite from your wedding day?
The photo with the two Jersey steers in the pasture.

What WEREN’T you expecting on your wedding day?
Forgetting my dress and the wind at the start of the ceremony. OH! and Charley forgetting the ring! hahaha

What would you do differently?
I wish I had gone over to the reception and grabbed food, greeted a few guests, got background music going for ten minutes and then taken pictures. The ceremony was beautiful. I would not have changed a thing.

What tips and tricks would you offer to other couples planning their wedding?
Enjoy everything moment. Don’t rush it. Know what you want for a particular part of the wedding before going to the appointment. For example, look over what is available by the cake maker and then go into the appointment with that rough idea in mind while staying flexible. In the end, the details don’t really matter. You will be so busy and seeing faces. And you’ll be married. That’s what matters!

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