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Your professional portrait is your introduction and first impression for a lot of opportunities. Whether it's a new job, landing a big contract, being invited to an audition, or simply connecting with people on social media, or meeting someone through online dating. And while most headshots are primarily a head-and-shoulders image, there's always the approach of a branding portrait which highlights a little more and allows for more variety in poses, locations, and lighting.

The most aggravating part of getting your picture taken that'll be used in a to represent you is not really knowing how you look in the picture. Sure, you’ve may have had one done before and looked at the back of the photographer’s camera to see the image on that little screen.

I remove this unknown element out of the process when in the studio. To really ensure you like what we're capturing, you have to see them on a bigger screen and compare them side by side.

For branding portraits this won't be a stand in one spot and I take a dozen images and send you on your way only to see them for the first time when they're delivered. We'll be working in multiple outfits, lighting, backgrounds, and poses in the one-hour session. You'll actually get to see the images as they are being captured. And if there are issues with hair, wardrobe, etc., those can be addressed before moving onto the next setup.

These types of portraits let people know you’ve already went the extra mile to make a positive impression. As your photographer, I also go the extra mile to allow your personality to shine through and for you to be an actual participant in the creative process.


  • The In-N-Out headshots can be done in 15 minutes or less which is perfect if you're feeling and looking good and want a new headshot on your lunch break.
  • Rather than using the shot you really liked from a decade ago when you were younger, have a headshot that shows what you look like now.
  • Update your headshots when your appearance changes. If you’ve lost a lot of weight or have had cosmetic and/or dental work done to improve your look, it's time for a new business portrait.
  • The average shelf life of a headshot is about every two years.
  • Before your headshot session, let's discuss your preference for color background, so I can have the correct backdrops available. White, black or grey backdrops provide a neutral, clean background and won't fall into the "trendy" color range. Do you remember blue real estate and banker backgrounds?
  • Rather than wearing a plain black or white jacket, opt for a jacket or top with a little color.


  • For In-N-Out headshots, simply schedule a date and time
  • For branding portraits, schedule a date and time for a consultation
  • Complete the contract
  • The session takes place
  • You review and select images as the session happens
  • We narrow down your selections and choose your favorite images
  • You receive the retouched file within one to five business days depending on the session type


  • Business website
  • Business cards
  • Social media profile pictures
  • Modeling portfolio
  • Acting headshots
  • Online dating profile

If you’re ready for a new headshot that's professional, shows some personality and uniqueness, CONTACT ME NOW and we can work together to determine the best way to reach that goal. You can also schedule a time that works best for you to chat over a quick phone call to answer any questions you may have.

If you're looking for an In-N-Out business portrait, those are offered for $125 and are designed for those people who simply need to update their current photo in 15 minutes or less.

Professional branding portrait sessions start at $350 which includes the initial consultation, planning, wardrobe assistance, the photography session, and two image files.

Schedule a time to learn about branding subscription services that allow you to have fresh marketing materials all year long.