Does your company's "About Us" page showcase your team with a mixture of 20-year-old headshots, selfies, cropped vacation photos, "office headshots" taken with a phone by a window, and glamour shots from the '80s? Or maybe it's just time to update to bring some consistency to your company's branding. Whatever brought you here, rest assured, we are professionals and we're here to help because we realize how important a professional consistency is for a company.

The headshots highlighting your team is your potential client's first impression of your company in most cases.If your company focuses on quality and attention to detail, have images that lack those key terms may not make the first impression you want. And company's that value their most important asset (its people) showcases their commitment to quality when it comes to their client experience. With a professional headshot that highlight approachability and confidence, you're basically building that relationship prior to a client even contacting your company.

And professional headshots will also help attract new talent to your company when those potential new hires look over the rest of the team's profiles.

Over the thousands of headshots we've done over the years, we've developed a process that ensures the people we collaborate with our comfortable, have a great experience, solid, professional headshots, and feel like they're in control of their image.


Being photographed can be an awkward experience. The camera can induce stress. But luckily we've done this a "few" times and have developed a process that ensures each person is comfortable, has a great experience, and feels like they are part of the process.

We start by talking with each person about any concerns or what they feel is their strongest physical attributes when it comes to their headshots. Then we take a series of images to start and review them on screen right there. We'll zero in on the best one of the bunch and then break it down to see what we like and what we can improve upon. Then we shoot another series until we have "the" headshot they'll love sharing.

Throughout the session we provide posing instruction and expression coaching so they're not giving off that "deer in the headlights" vibe.

By collaborating versus just telling them to smile and moving onto the next person, they won't cringe when they see what they get back because they've already seen it.


We do everything to make the entire experience easy and efficient. The entire booking process is done online. Pick the date(s) and time(s) that work for you and the team, sign the contract, make the payment all online.

And once the session(s) are done, you'll receive completely retouched (blemishes removed, stray hairs erased, any boogies in the nose or spinach in the teeth are eradicated) five business days later via email.

We always respond within 24 hours, most often within an hour during the business day.


$200 per person an includes one image sized for printing and online use. Volume pricing for 10 people or more.


  • Branding consultation
  • Expression coaching & posing direction
  • Instant review of images via computer
  • High-End Retouching
  • Five-day turnaround for image delivery


A professional headshot can be used on business cards, professional social media outlets, editorial articles, email signatures, video conferencing profiles, and marketing materials.


If you have more than nine or more people on your team to be photographed we will bring the studio to your office for a $400 fee per session. We will bring all our camera gear, studio lighting, backdrops, stands, and computer equipment that we use in our studio to you so you get the same professional results we produce in our studio. We will need about an hour to set up and a minimum of 10x15 open space for our on-location studio. If you have less than nine people to be photographed, it may be more cost-effective to come to our Coeur d'Alene studio.


As your company grows, you can send all your new hires to our Coeur d'Alene studio and we’ll ensure each person's headshot looks like it was photographed the same day as the rest of the company.