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A Wedding On River’s Edge

Summer weddings in the Inland Northwest tend to find themselves along some body of water.

A river or lake provides a great settings, tends to help keep the day a little cooler if the wind blows in across the water, and offer some great photo opportunities for us wedding photographers.

When Katie and Joe began planning their wedding from Oregon, they knew that they wanted some place secluded and beautiful. Lucky for them, Pamela and Bob at On River’s Edge own just the spot.

“We loved the intimate feel. It was us. Away from the city, we loved the owners, and it felt like our own little piece of paradise,” Katie said about her reason for choosing the venue for their wedding. “Having the Little Spokane River next to the barn was more than we could have imagined. The venue was affordable, and provided tables, chairs and decor items which was icing on the cake.”

With the venue figured out, it came down to the planning out the logistics for the day and the little details like floral pieces. With a little support from their bridesmaids and groomsmen, they took to stripping and cutting 200 flowers to decorate the arbor and centerpieces. It took the crew about an hour and a half to finish. Rose and Blossom handled the heavy work of designing and preparing the bouquets and boutonnieres.

Katie figured out that if she pretended the wedding was on Friday (instead of Saturday), it would force her and her crew to get everything done on Thursday.

“No excuses,” she said. “No, ‘Oh it will only take a couple minutes.’ Just have it done.”

Once the wedding day arrived, there was the typical anxious nervousness, but it quickly faded away once we headed out for the first look and the bride and groom portraits. We ventured around the area to some spots we identified during a site visit a few months earlier.

When Katie spotted a rock in the middle of the river, she was determined to figure out how to get to it for a portrait. After surveying the area and making sure we did a quick cost-risk analysis, we decided it was doable with the only “minor” risk being falling into the river. No big deal, right?

Katie and Joe made it out of the river unscathed and with just a few splashes on Joe’s pants that quickly dried.

Once we got back to the venue, the first of two hiccups of the day occurred. Katie’s finger got slammed in the door as Joe was getting out of the truck. It was pretty tense there for a few minutes, but once we got some ice on the finger and realized there was nothing broken, we were all good again. Except for a sore finger.

We moved onto some fun wedding party portraits followed by some family groups, before the wedding party cracked open a few drinks and sand “Wagon Wheel” together to amp up for the ceremony.

The ceremony went well with some high fives to start and a lot of cheering and flower petals to wrap it up.

Going into the reception the second hiccup of the day happened. Katie’s nephew Connor wanted to give his own toast to the newlyweds, but as he was out picking flowers while everyone else was giving their toasts, he got stung by a bee. A loud shriek caught everyone’s attention as the little guy came running into the reception crying. Luckily he isn’t allergic to bee stings and with a few minutes of attention and time to calm down, he was ready to give his toast. What a trooper.

I guess we could categorize the wedding cake cutting as a hiccup for the day, but it ended up hilarious and made fore a great three-image sequence. While “sharing” the cake, Joe was a little too ambitious and bumped the table which sent the cake tumbling off it’s stand. It didn’t hit the ground so it was all good.

If Joe had a choice to change one thing during the day, he said he wanted to “smear more cake in her face.” Katie would brought Nerf guns to shoot Joe with. That’s what I call love.

After that it was a ginormous group shot of everyone who was at the wedding and then they were ready for to hit the dance floor. And dance they did.

They danced until the DJ had to go and Katie and Joe were ready to leave with a sparkler send off.

For a nice summer wedding, this one had a lot of moments that caught us by surprise. But those moments made the wedding unique and provided some great memories and stories.

Tips Katie and Joe have for other couples planning their wedding are:

  • Have a drink before you go out for photos if you are nervous – a drink will help you relax and wear off before the ceremony.
  • If you don’t drink, having some alone time with your fiancé just before heading out helps too.
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate.


Venue — On River’s Edge
Catering — Beacon Hill Catering
DJ — Complete DJ
Florist — Rose & Blossom

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