Wedding Photographer in Spokane, Washington | Clare & Peter's Sunrise Portrait

Mount Spokane Sunrise Portrait

Clare and Peter are the adventurous types that love the outdoors.

Regular excursions climbing mountains and going for hikes are typical dates for these two.

When we were trying to figure out an engagement session that would fit them, we decided to go with one of their favorite parts of spending time in the mountains — sunrise.

A few calls to Mount Spokane State Park’s office to get early access to gated roads that led to the summit set the stage for a 4:30 a.m. meeting time. After grabbing a few treats and some hot cocoas, we were rolling on this epic sunrise engagement session.

For most photographers, chasing the sunlight is a daily occurrence, but it’s usually taking place at the end of the day. And once the sunset happens, there’s still a bit of nice, warm light left. With a sunrise however, once that sun breaks over the horizon, it doesn’t take long to become harsh.

Luckily for me, there was some nice cloud cover that helped keep that light soft as Clare and Peter ventured around the landscape finding vantage points to soak in the amazing vista in front of them.

After our time on the mountain, there was one last thing this couple had to do. They have a signature “pose” that they do every time they venture out to a new place. It’s a head stand. They do this head stand a lot together. Even on very rocky terrain. It was definitely a first for me and reminded me a lot of my friends Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks who coined their own signature move “#BrinsonBanksing” which brought them a little fame for their signature move.

Once the sun broke through the cloud cover, the head stands were done, and we were ready for a little warmth, we hopped back into the truck and headed back to Clare and Peter’s car where they had a five-hour drive ahead of them back to Tacoma.

Despite the 3 a.m. wakeup, drive time and cold, we were able to capture some really unique pictures that highlighted this awesome couple in an environment they love to be a part of.

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