Wandering & Goofing Off In Downtown Spokane

Rachel and Sean

Rachel and Sean speak laughter and sarcasm like a second language.
Put them in a spot, give them a few seconds. They provided moment after moment which highlights their relationship well. They are a couple that knows what will bring about a smile or laugh. When it came to their engagement session, anywhere we went provided space for them to let loose and have fun. But it was Spokane, a place this couple wanted to as the backdrop.
“I think the best part of the shoot was wandering downtown and finding secluded, beautiful spots to take pictures,” Rachel explained about the engagement session. “We picked downtown Spokane because when we first started dating, Sean came to visit me at my parents’ house while I was on break from school. We had only been dating for maybe a couple months, but he missed me enough to drive across the state, by himself, to see me. I took him downtown to ride the gondola and the carousel, so it seemed like an appropriate venue for photos.”

Spokane Engagement Session

The gondola and carousel were out due to ongoing renovations in Riverfront Park. But we were able to find a lot of small alcoves, and spaces that let this fun couple shine.
This couple didn’t need much to capture great images, whether it was a simple moment between them or a quick game.
“We were comfortable right from the get go. Everything was so relaxed, and we were laughing and joking about everything. It relieved a lot of the pressure we felt going into the session,” Rachel said. “My favorite photo is in the (Davenport) Grand where I have my back against the wall and Sean is holding my waist. I think there were a lot of moments captured and a lot of silliness captured, and those are all my favorite.
Rachel and Sean didn’t have many photos together aside from the occasional selfie. They wanted a part of their engagement images to look nice. After looking back on the session, planning the outfits wasn’t enough for Rachel.
“I would spend more time planning little details, accessories and nails and all the little girly things that no one really notices but bother me.”
After their session, Rachel and Sean are ready to rock their wedding in October.



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