Lake Coeur d'Alene Family Dock Portrait Candid
Father Of The Groom Wedding Champagne Mess Schweitzer
Business portrait for funny investment professional
Maui Bride Groom Kiss Palm Trees
Groom Prayer While Bride Watches Elk Mountain Resort
CEO Business Portrait
Father Daughter Wedding First Look Belles On The Bluff
Father and daughter newborn candid picture
Colorful Basketball Senior Portrait
Cloudy Lifestyle Family Portrait
Bride Groom Hagadone Event Center Wedding Dance Dip
Bride Groom Sledding Elk Mountain Ranch Coeur d'Alene
Bridge Laughing Engagement Portrait
Fun Lifestyle Family Portrait In Studio
Elkins Resort Bridge Wedding Bride And Groom Moment
Fireworks Post Falls, Idaho Wedding Kiss
Dancer Sunflower Senior Portrait
Father Son Laughter Play Lifestyle Family Portrait
Spokane Carousel Wedding Bride Groom Portrait
Fun dad moment with his kids and wife in Coeur d'Alene
A Boy In Nature Lifestyle Family Portrait
Dock Lounging Senior Portrait
Suset Field Walk Senior Portrait
Cupcake Thief Roosevelt Inn Coeur d'Alene Wedding
Business Coach Headshot
Dog Engagement Picture Outdoors
Winter Engagement Picture
Playful Engagement Picture Behind Log
Wedding Guest Reception Pants Rip Spokane, Washington
Fly Fishing Senior Portrait
Wedding Guest Rips Shirt At Elk Point Coeur d'Alene
Couple and dog having fun in studio portrait session
Snow Angel Engagement Portrait
Paddleboarding With A Dog Senior Portrait
Bride And Niece Wedding Reception Moment Gannon's Maui
Beacon Hill Bride Walk Look Back
New Orleans French Quarter Second Line Wedding Parade
Coeur d'Alene Slice Of Life Newborn Lifestyle Picture
Artist & Writer Headshot
Snowboarder Headshot
Wheat Field Wedding Sunset Kiss Pullman Washington
Coeur d'Alene High actress senior portrait in theater


Whether it makes you laugh, cry happy tears, or simply remember the day the picture was created, connecting to a picture has a lot to do with the moment it highlights. This is why candid photography is powerful. It allows you to connect to the people of our past and relive special moments every time you see them.

Hundreds of people over the years have allowed me to guide them through a fun and fulfilling photography experience that ends up with more than a few pictures for the social media feed. They now have prints and albums in their homes they can reflect upon every day rather than an annual anniversary notification that pops up on Facebook.

If you’re looking for images you can appreciate every day and you can be emotionally connected to, contact me with the form below and we can work together to determine the best way to reach that goal.


Picking a photographer can be overwhelming. There are so many of us out there. The best start is to focus on an approach and style you like. Whether it's more traditional and posed, or candid and storytelling (which is my specialty), deciding this is the best start for you.

Once you've done that, you need to decide on what you want to do with your images which will ultimately help you determine your time invested and budget.

Full-service photographers like myself help guide you from the collaboration of the photography and helping determine locations, activities, clothing, and find the best way to display your pictures. Then after the photography session, you'll have assistance in narrowing down to your favorites, designing wall displays and/or albums, and putting together custom-designed greeting cards to send to family and friends.

One of the most common statements I hear from people who have had sessions done in the past with non-full-service photographers is, "Once I was given my images, I never printed any because it seemed too much effort to go through them all and then figure out the printing. I didn't know what I wanted to get."

This is exactly why people keep coming back to me year after year — They receive the extra effort in helping figure out what images are their favorites, how they can display them, and even installing their finished wall display so they're not putting a dozen holes in their walls trying to hang them.


Gift certificates can be applied to future sessions or orders you plan on placing from a new session or past session. And they make perfect gifts for a new, growing family, a recent graduate needing their first headshot or newlyweds who want to invest in an album or wall art for their home.

Contact me through the link below to purchase your gift certificate.

Photography Gift Certificate

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