Like my party-going friend up above, you're committed. Not like to an asylum, but committed to having an amazing wedding that you want documented with authentic, candid, story-telling images.

You took the first step to achieving that goal by hitting the "SEND IT" button on my contact form.

Now that first step has been taken by you, here's what comes next ...

  • I'll give you a call, text, email, or maybe all of them. I'm big on communication.
  • Make sure you have any initial questions you need answer for jotted down to go over.
  • Review my images again and make note of the images you love and the images you're "eh" about.
  • If we feel like our expectations line up, we'll schedule a more in-depth meeting in my studio or via Zoom to ensure we're a perfect fit.
  • And at the end if we're not a fit, I'll provide some insight to help you with your search.

Thank you for considering me to document such a huge moment in your life. I really appreciate it.

I'll be in contact soon.